What people are saying about Brian and SeedSoil Family Counseling

“My 13-year-old was adamantly against seeing a counselor, but was quickly won over by Brian’s ability to relate to her, speak to her doubts and fears, and help her see the true issues. She now says “he’s cool” and tells all her friends, “Everyone needs a counselor.”

“My marriage is alive again because of Brian’s expertise and valuable tools.”

“Brian gave my teenager tools to overcome her fears and inappropriate coping mechanisms. She began communicating, became a contributing/participating member of our family, set boundaries with friends, and stand up for herself confidently.”

“The last person I saw just sat and listened, but Brian actually gave me tools to develop skills to work through my situation.”

“We are surprised and pleased how in every session Brian quickly understands exactly what is going on and speaks right to the heart of the issues.”

“We saw freedom come to our teens and the climate in our family changed dramatically after working with Brian for a few weeks.”

“We will continue to use Brian anytime we need some perspective and help with any challenging situation.”