Brian’s  brings 20+ years of experience in various agencies including domestic violence, eating disorders, substance abuse, adolescent and adult prisons, and geriatrics to your specific situation. tools customized to your specific problem.

Many of us have roadblocks, or maybe just speed bumps in our lives. In the midst of all the pressures, we may find it difficult to get to the core or source of our beliefs and behavior’s.  Its up to us to find the courage to face life that gives us the ability to receive help during our hard times. Common problems Brian works with individuals, couples and families are:

    • Angry kids with frustrated parents (as well as frustrated kids with angry parents).
    • Families that lack strategies connecting values to daily life.
    • Modern mens issues (yes, some are different from our father’s).
    • Wounded relationships in need of healing.

Teaching couples how to communicate effectively has derailed divorce. Practicing how to bring different views together increases intimacy. Accepting the past as experiences to guide us now helps to create connection.