Name That Tune Emotion!

Sometimes, it’s just difficult to say what you feel.

Years ago, there was a television game show called, “Name That Tune”. Contestants were challenged to name a song when presented with only a few notes from the song. Many were unable to name the song because there were not enough notes to guess the song.

One of the greatest works done in counseling is getting people to uncover what they really feel. Even when that Dr. Phil-ish question, “How does that make you feel?” is asked, some answer with a mask of religious jargon or clichés such, “good”, “fine”, “I know that God will work it out”, or, “I’m a submissive wife, so I know what I should do”, or other phrases, that are in and of themselves true (or not), but do not describe the true feelings of the heart.

We need “permission” to be honest about how we really feel about our situations. What would happen if we said, “I hate what he did to me”, or, “I don’t know if I could ever forgive her”, or, “I can’t stand to be in his presence anymore because I am so hurt”? “Naming That Emotion” can become the starting point to honesty, and it is from this point that truth enters and healing begins. However, not every situation allows us the luxury to say what we really feel. The point is not to make others feel bad, but rather to understand our own heart.

One of the tools that can help facilitate honesty with our feelings, and in a safe way, is journaling. In addition journaling has been shown to be cathartic. What is that you may ask? The simplest way to explain this is, it is something you do externally that brings internal relief.

There are many different reasons that people have difficulty “Naming That Emotion”, and for some, counseling is needed to help uncover those reasons. Don’t be afraid to be honest.

SeedSoil Family Counseling is a safe place to start the process of uncovering heart issues. It may be time to ask for help.