Modern Men’s Issues

One of the greatest challenges men and boys face today is the absence of the significant men in their lives because of fatherlessness, divorce, and children being born out of wedlock.

A direct impact of fatherlessness is 70-80 percent of African American men are in some way involved in the legal system, and research points to fatherlessness as a primary cause.

Subsequently, men and boys from many cultures and backgrounds are growing up without a clue in how to have healthy relationships, marriages, and raise their children.

Consequently, they turn to destructive coping mechanisms such as alcohol, drugs, and pornography to deal with their internal pain, and this leads to further pain in their lives.

Uncovering the core issues behind the pain, and doing it in a safe place, opens up a way to learn new coping skills. Our partnership in exploration and skill building helps to restore relationships that have been impacted.

For many men, involvement in these destructive patterns of behavior has been ongoing for the majority of their lives. There is hope to restore important relationships, and learn healthy patterns of manhood.

If you find yourself in a crisis, or want to do something about your internal struggle, give me a call at (425) 359-4588.

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