Grief, the unexpected gift –

Having spent many hours working with families and individuals dealing with devastating loss and pain, I am constantly reminded of the gift of grief. That’s right, a gift.  We spend so much time and effort trying to keep ourselves from feeling pain, grief, anger, or sadness, that we truly miss out on what these emotions can lead us toward.

“With each loss I turned toward grief instead of away from it…grief broke my denial, restoring me. Where fear closed my heart grief opened it. “

Sophie Sabbage (terminal cancer patient)

The work of uncovering injuries of the present or past is sometimes complex and overlooked. Yet over and over again I have seen many find this unexpected gift when allowing themselves to grieve and be comforted.

Here are some things you might find helpful with dealing with grief:

  • Take time to understand what you are feeling
  • Accept your feelings, don’t just stuff them
  • Take care of yourself and your family
  • Talk about how you are feeing with your loved ones and or close friends
  • Take time to remember and be thankful (journaling)
  • Reach out and help others dealing with loss/grief

How can counselors help?

Sometimes grief will not go away, and can debilitate, and interfere with everyday life. Counselors are trained to help people better cope with guilt, fear, and anxiety associated with loss and grief. They can help develop strategies if you need help dealing with your grief. And with a variety of evidence-based treatments, they can help people improve their lives.

If you or someone you know is having trouble understanding or getting through a loss, ask for help. Sometimes it takes asking for help to move forward.

If you have questions or need more information about taking a step forward, get in touch with me today.

Brian Hall