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Some Things Never Change…Or Do They??

Posted by on 5:00 pm

Uncovering the REAL Issues Have you ever felt like no matter what you do, some things never change? Our symptoms are not the problem. We often focus on the symptoms and not the issues. As a result, healing or change is superficial. The symptoms can however be used as signs that lead us to the real issues. Here are some common symptoms: Problems sleeping Can’t concentrate Loss of temper/blow up easily Crying often Lonely Hard to find motivation Anxious and fearful most of the time Sometimes it takes time to get to the core issues. Much like...

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2017 Flourish and Be Brave Conference

Posted by on 9:11 pm

Brian will be attending the 2017 Flourish and Be Brave Conference. SeedSoil Family Counseling will have a table with information and you can meet Brian. Conference Dates: April 28th & 29th Location: Evergreen Community Church 3429 240th St SE, Bothell 98021 Contact: 425-359-4588 Learn More Here   Find out more information about this upcoming conference 2017 Flourish and Be...

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Successful Independence

Posted by on 11:54 pm

Successful Independence

I recently had a wonderful weekend away with my youngest son, and we had fun learning different aspects of becoming a man. One of the lessons had to do with some tips on becoming successfully independent from his parents. Interestingly enough, this lesson could be applicable in other areas of life.   We heard two stories-one illustrated independence that was not successful; the other was. Following are brief summaries of the stories:   The first story was about a young man who hiked into a wilderness area in Alaska, by himself, with...

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Leadership within the Family

Posted by on 2:52 pm

Practical Tips for Leadership within the Family   Each year, I pray and ask God for His direction for my life for the upcoming year. This year, I received from God something that He didn’t clearly define at the time, however, I am learning more and more about this as the year progresses. The impression that I received was that I was to LEAD. I shared this with my family on January 1, and today, on May 29, the day that I am writing this, I have learned some practical tips for leadership within the context of family that I’d like to share with...

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Name That Emotion!

Posted by on 5:25 am

Name That Tune Emotion! Sometimes, it’s just difficult to say what you feel.   Years ago, there was a television game show called, “Name That Tune”. Contestants were challenged to name a song when presented with only a few notes from the song. Many were unable to name the song because there were not enough notes to guess the song. One of the greatest works done in counseling is getting people to uncover what they really feel. Even when that Dr. Philish question, “How does that make you feel?” is asked, some answer with a mask or...

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Free 3-week Workshop

Posted by on 4:54 am

Betrayal, is something seemingly impossible to get over, and can lead to feelings of deep depression, anger, and other emotional problems. Some have also experienced physical and mental symptoms such as severe distrust, anxiety, apathy, insomnia, and chronic illness, whether the betrayal happened recently or years ago. In addition, many women suffer from Betrayal Trauma when they discover their husband’s pornography or sexual addiction. This form of trauma meets the criteria for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Betrayal Trauma causes...

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Repetitive Failed Relationships

Posted by on 7:14 pm

What’s going on when someone persists going after relationships that are doomed to fail? This article gives some background and insight to the definitions and patterns … and WHY. Essential Secrets of Psychotherapy : Repetitive Relationship Patterns

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Tears in My Eyes: Human Trafficking

Posted by on 9:54 pm

I am passionate about people; which is why I do what I do. But I am also passionate about being involved and making a difference in the world around me. Human Trafficking: I teared up when I first heard a woman from Australia speak on the problem of human trafficking. I told myself, “I have to do something” to help these innocent kids that are being sold into slavery. It was hard not to feel completely overwhelmed and think it’s to big, or that I can’t make a difference. That is simply not true. The problem is complex and pervasive, and yes...

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Featured Speaker at Flourish & Shine 2016

Posted by on 10:04 pm

Exciting news! I’ll be sharing as a Featured Speaker for the upcoming Flourish & Shine Women’s Conference, April 22nd and 23rd 2016,  at Evergreen Church in Bothell, WA. Hurt and Pain are a part of life’s experiences, and I will discuss how some of the painful experiences in my past have helped me to become the person I am today. Painful Experiences: they don’t have to break you and your family. You may never be able to answer the WHY questions . . . They can keep you in depression and despair. A Better question?...

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Focus on the Family: Nothing to Hide

Posted by on 10:00 pm

It can feel as if you will never trust again when Betrayal happens. Here is a resource from Focus On The Family that can help start you on the road to healing.    Read the eBook: Nothing To...

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