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Counseling Services

Brian and Christine

Our time is limited. Our values include being mentally and emotionally healthy to lead and support our family and extended family. There are four areas that I recommend you check out and learn more about.

You are here because you are looking for help. You want to learn how to be the best you and your family to be the best it can be too. Find out more about what to expect when you contact me.

Check out:
Modern Men’s Issues
Angry Kids and Frustrated Parents
Wounded Relationships
Equip Families

If you are interested, here’s a little bit more:

  • Every man finds themselves, even if just for a brief time, encountering relationship issues (with themselves and their families) and sexuality.
  • Work with children uses various therapeutic tools and methods including Play Therapy and DBT workbooks. This helps kids work through anger and other emotional issues.
  • Individual and couples therapy is also available to begin healing wounded relationships.

I have experiences ranging from children to geriatric age, mental health and chemical dependency, and look forward to helping clients of various backgrounds.

And even more…

The premise of Cognitive Behavior Therapy is that the dysfunction in your life originates from how you think about past, present, and even future experiences, and how they have plowed deeply into the soil of your heart. Working together, we explore how these things have impacted your belief system, your behaviors, and other areas of your life. Then, we explore the seed of truth that, when you nurture, can set you free.

Using multiple modalities, I provide Co-occurring counseling (Substance Abuse and Mental Health) for people of all ages, races, and diverse backgrounds. During sessions, the work is founded in collaboration to improve their lives. In this safe and confidential environment clients can explore issues, recognize strengths, find solutions, develop a plan and work toward your goals.

While some situations will require a few sessions, some will require more. I work in partnership with my clients to determine the appropriate amount of sessions needed and continually re-assess where clients feel they are in the counseling process and develop a plan that works for all involved.

Let’s get started working together.

modern mens issues angry kids frustrated parents Equip Families wounded relationships